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We are currently conducting CCW courses on Saturday and Sundays. Classes’ fill every few days. If you would like to reserve a seat call the store at 419-335-2131 or email with a Saturday or Sunday date you would like to attend. We will reserve your seat. Thank you

The Lead Shed offers customers superior firearms training and takes the time to go over the fine details.  We don’t broad brush training and tell stories! We focus on the content and material, which results in making you a safer, more knowledgeable and more accurate shooter.  Our staff of experienced instructors is very knowledgeable and conducts some of the most comprehensive firearms training in Northwest Ohio. The Lead Shed provides an environment for students to learn how to use and safely practice with their firearms.  Our staff trainers are all NRA certified instructors.

What you need to bring to class

  • A firearm & 50 rounds of ammo  (We also have rental pistols available)
  • Hearing protection
  • Eye protection or prescription glasses

Classes start at 9am, and normally run to about 6pm with lunch breaks, at 123 South Fulton Street, Wauseon, Ohio.  You should come with your firearm unloaded.  Leave your ammunition in the car.  We will inspect your firearm upon arrival to make sure it is unloaded then get you in the classroom.  Our range is located in Swanton, Ohio, it is an outdoor range.  Please plan for any possible inclement weather.

Ready to schedule a course? Look at our calendar for upcoming class dates and call us at 419-335-2131 or email

*** We also offer custom classes built around your schedule any day of the week! Call for scheduling, availability, and pricing!  419-335-2131 or email